Request for Christian Volunteers for one to three weeks in July 2017

Hello Friends, Supporters, Pastors and Church Leaders,

We have Children English training schools in many places all over China now with thousands of Kids. Some learn other subjects too.

We are looking for some native speaking English Christians volunteers (that is to say English is the first language spoken) to come to China in July 2017 for 1 to 3 weeks, teaching English in our home training schools to Primary and Middle school Kids. You may come just for one week or more if available. Starting time will be after the 3rd of July.

All cost to get here and accommodation needs to be met by you, but in some cases we may have some accommodation. Plus you may not want to live in local conditions.

BUT, please before you say yes, please consider these points.

Can you be part of a team and be subject to the leadership for your own safety? Plus for smooth communication with the Chinese teachers.

Can you work with another person, for example everyone will have a Chinese teacher working with you in a buddy system.

Can you teach a song?

Can you teach some reading? etc

Can you work to a timetable? If needed to change your plans can you communicate this desire with the leaders before doing so?

Can you work six days? 2 to 4 hours a day as per your fitness and health.

Can you dress modestly?

If you believe that body piercing and tattooing is acceptable, please do not request to help, although if you are remorseful about getting tattoos and you have removed all the piercing from noses, cheeks, eyes and etc; feel free to offer. It is the condition of the heart attitude that is important.We are trying to protect the impressionable children here. In this culture these things are related to the underworld.

We would also like to see your pastor’s endorsement.

Can you greet the children with a smile?

A simple Christian board games and activities that Children in Australian Sunday School play, would be good to consider.

You are welcome to bring some Aussie souvenirs and stickers to give to your students, if you feel led to.

We are trying to develop a library of English resources;

If you have room in your bags or that you could carry another case. If you could bring some Children’s Bibles stories that will be helpful. We may be able to organize a case of books sent to you to bring.

Application should be made to Dr. Ian Traill, this can be done through our contact page on this site.

Please note that you will need to have medical and travel health insurance including luggage protection.

We would need to write a letter of invitation for you to come and have a vacation with us,  so that you could apply for your visa.

Bless you in Jesus’ name