1. She’s a Woman I’m a Man! by Dr. Ian Traill

She’s a Woman I’m a Man! by Dr. Ian Traill

This book is a manual for marriage enrichment seminars.

I write this book not as an expert but from a pool of painful experiences, both in divorce and in celebration of a godly marriage that is working.

Marriage failure is brought about by a set of dysfunctional thinking patterns either in one or both parties. Not many get married in order to see it fall apart and it is hard to try and keep it together if you do not know how to.

If you are having problems in your marriage and you do not want it to work, “stop reading now”. Do not go any further with this book. For a marriage to work both parties must want it to work.

My prayer is that this book will help you to achieve your goals and dreams for life and your marriage. The aim of this book is to develop and activate your desire to make your marriage work.

Price: $15 AUD plus Postage & packing: $6 AUD





Buy this book as an ebook at this link : She’s a Woman I’m a Man!

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