3. Discipleship Book Two by Dr. Ian Traill

frontcover_978-0-9807072-6-7This excellent Discipleship book two will build a strong foundation in your church.
40 foundational lessons to follow on from Discipleship Book One.

Paul understood that we need to follow a pure pattern. What he is praying for in Ephesians chapter one, reminding the disciples in the city of Ephesus, is that he wanted them to understand and follow the pattern that he had instilled in them. Paul knew, perhaps better than anyone, that if we would follow the pattern, over time, Kingdom growth result. The faithful application of these principles is the key to Supernatural Building.

Price: $25 AUD plus Postage & packing: $10 AUD

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Buy this book as an ebook at this link: Discipleship Book Two by Dr. Ian Traill


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