Bible Prophecy

Prophecy is not the will of man but the Spirit of God who brings inspiration through HIS Word on to man to utter God’s words. Bible prophecy is not to incite fear in the believer but bring about edification, exhortation, and comfort, with knowledge that God has a plan and that plan is unfolding throughout history and in our daily lives. We need to understand Bible prophecy as it is the Spirit that should drive us, with an urgency to proclaim Jesus as the Saviour of mankind, being watchful of our environment and ourselves so that we maintain a godly life.

The books found in this section of our bookshop are here to help us with understanding Biblical Prophecy.

Click on the name of the book to go to the page where you can read more and purchase your own copy.

Book List

1. Mountain Tops – Bible Prophecy as History Unfolds BY Ps. Tony Smits B.Th. & Dr. Ian Traill 

2. Ezekiel’s Temple or is it? By Dr. Ian Traill



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