Panic buying

Preachers need to be careful about the content of their messages while panic buyers are around.

End-times messages can be very powerful manipulative messages. Preachers can operate on the emotions of the reader or the listener to force a decision based on hysteria and panic in the world. The problem with terror procurement, is once the fear subsides you hide what you bought and feel embarrassed and say, “I will not do that again”.

The preacher may use a beat-up media report on what may be a sign of the Lords return, but he or she needs to be careful that they are not using fear of people going to hell to get people saved, as it is only a “Panic Purchase”.

These signs have always been around.

We need to preach and focus on Jesus and not on the signs. If we mention a sign do it only to teach about awareness of what is happening and the need to keep your eyes open. We need to make the messages more about Jesus as the answer.

If people respond out of fear then it will be hard to bring them back to Jesus at a later date.

Jesus tells us, the Father is the only one who knows the time of Jesus return, we cannot

Should the world should accept Jesus? Yes!


It is by sharing about the magnitude of love Jesus has among many virtues He shows in the Bible that compels the sinner repentance.

Dr Ian Traill