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Book List

1. I Dare You God! by Mick Hicks

This book tells of my initial reluctance to become involved in the Christian Church and how God dealt with me I never even dreamed of the doors this book opened for us as people began to become engrossed by the story as they read the book.

2. Peace Through Power

 This book is the result of a ten year period in my life. It represents the culmination of wisdom and truths learned as I preached and taught in almost every CHURCH group that a person could imagine.

3. Rudolf Roll’s From Tragedy to Triumph

It was through the Spirit of God that I began to see things about my life in a different light. I saw for the first time the inner demons that had such a grip on my Mother’s life, and demonic forces that had dominated my Father’s life when he was alive. I also became aware that I had the greatest force in the whole of the universe living in me and I was determined to trust God, live the way he wanted me to live, and pray for complete healing for my family.

4. The Awakening Giant by Val Fotherby

This book tells story of the miraculous growth of the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International over four decades.