News from Traillblazer

Hello to all

We have about 500 students enrolled this year in our Bible College, and the workload has increased. We have two new churches in China and many more children training schools. People are getting saved and coming to our classes.

Pastor Kondwani Rabson Chilewa of Malawi, Africa is now running a large campus with a 175 pastors in study.

Ps Kondwani Rabson Chilewa is only one of four new campuses with computers and some with scanners and printers. Thanks for your support, but we need more.

computer and printer - Copy

Pastor Kondwani Rabson Chilewa of Malawi

Campuses please keep up your record keeping up to date in your Dropbox.

Please don’t leave things until the last minute.

Please pray for us as it looks like I need to go back to work as financial support has dropped and we need to earn some money teaching English to look after our family and the ministry.