I got this sent to me tonight after some came over with a cake and best wishes. I love my people.


This message is going out to 2000 English teachers with 100,000 children. Please pray for salvation’s.


 We need Children’s Bible stories

I arrived home to China from Australia last night and we had church this morning. I had carried two cases packed with Bibles and Books. It was my pleasure to see many of our pastors and church leaders meet. All the Bibles and books went this morning. The leaders will give them away and use many of them for teaching the Children. One of the head leader Bursh, will use and copy one old story (its out of copyright) in her network of training schools, which has 2000 teachers and around 100,000 children. We would like to thank Ps.Barry Leaver (Newcastle NSW) and Jane for their gifts. We have other churches in Australia offering to send us books in the new year too.



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Summer Schools Party- We are now operating in two locations in Changsha




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  1. Great pics Ian. We miss you all. It has taken almost a week for us to adjust back to Aussie life. How did Sunday go? We were praying and thinking of you all.


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