Free First Year Bible College

Traillblazer, Tony Smits Bible College 


Traillblazer, Tony Smits Bible College in Australia, New Zealand, China, Mongolia, India, Kenya, Philippines, Uganda, Sierra Leone, Rwanda, Ghana, Singapore, Tanzania, Japan, and Zambia is a group of individuals and churches who come together for the purpose of imparting secure firm Bible teaching to enable the saints to do the work of the ministry.

This course was developed by Ps. Tony Smits B.Th Apostle and Teacher who has established almost 30 churches in Australia.

Ps.Ian Traill D.Min, Founder  of Traillblazer Ministries came to the Lord Jesus under the teaching and leading of Tony Smits. Ian has been given permission by Tony to establish a free Internet study course using his notes. Out of this bold move we have seen many join in this effort to take good teaching to the saints.

Statement of Fellowship

There is no membership as this is a fellowship of like Spirit and like minded Christians who want to bring solid teaching which will prepare leaders to become pastors who are able to manage their own fellowship with a well rounded Biblical understanding.

We offer Ps. Tony Smits first years set of Bible teaching notes for free. Also we offer a Certificate of Biblical Studies at the completion of the first year of study. This could be used by students to do further study.

The church or campus leaders may print the notes as they need them and run their own Bible College, but must be responsible for their own financial management in the local area or nation. Please read the disclaimer below.

We have made contacts and started this course in many nations. Each branch would be responsible for their own running, although records of students’ results must be kept and forwarded to us, just in case students may want to do further study.

Disclaimer: Traillblazer Ministries in conjunction with Tony Smits the author of these notes only supply churches and campuses with the teaching materials, for free.
Each campus and the bearer of this letter is responsible for their finance and management and any debt incurred in the running of the different campuses in different countries is not our responsibility.