24. Bible Prophecy 2 of 3

Study Notes for downloading : 24. Student’s Study Booklet 2 of 3 -Mountain Tops Bible Prophecy as History Unfolds

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God gives a vision to a person who then will endeavour to interpret it, to deliver a prophetic message to man.  The Prophet will see points on the mountain tops from his perception, looking forward to a point somewhere in the future, thinking it’s a straight line, but in the most it is not.  This book deals with connecting the points on the mountain tops found in the Bible to give an overall understanding of prophecy. Joining the points has certain rules to follow as we will find in this book.

This study is not about cricket but the human disposition of wanting to control and dominate others through force, political and spiritual means. The book of Daniel gives a view of this disposition played out over 2520 years and into the Millennium. Starting with the Old Testament Church Israel-cum-Judah and then on and into the New Testament Church. In this book we will examine many cases where the use of control through intimidation with fear of death from “the Beast” that Daniel spoke about. We will connect that with the Book of Revelation coming to the closes of the Millennium of Christ rule and see what part we play.

God gives a vision to a person who will then endeavour to interpret it, to deliver a prophetic message to all who will listen.


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