1. Piercing the Bamboo Curtain by Ian Traill

The Life and Record of Ian Traill a Missionary to China 

Piercing the Bamboo Curtain by Dr. Ian Traill


I am greatly honoured to have been invited to write a foreword to this book as God could not have given me a fellow Christian man to admire more than Pastor Ian Traill M.Th.

I have witnessed how he has broken barriers and pushed on with God to see the wonderful work of the Lord in bringing many Chinese people through to salvation. He is a mentor of this new life in Christ and the Chinese people have become hungry for Christ in their lives too. This new life has brought much joy to them, and Ian has become a friend in times of trouble with solid teaching.

I have known Ian Traill from the moment of his decision to follow Christ, when he came into Ballarat Christian Fellowship under the great teacher of Pastor Tony Smith B.Th.

This book reveals the true life of Ian from birth to that of a missionary blessing China, and other parts of the world. I would recommend the reading of this book to see how the Lord guided Ian and how He can guide us throughout our life. God always wants men and women to serve Him. As you read this book you will see how God has brought Ian through to victory.

I have followed Ian right through his Christian walk by email and private conversations, and all that’s been written is true. This truthful account shows often it cost in many ways to follow Jesus, but the end is great joy in Christ. Ian has opened up his life story that all may be blessed and encouraged to follow Christ.

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