5. Who am I? by Dr Ian Traill

Who am I? By Dr. Ian Traill

All started talking about what they had been doing and how they had dealt with certain issues. They talked about their salvation experiences too, I didn’t feel like talking. In actual fact I felt a little overawed.

In between bites of food would be a moment of silence before someone else would talk, the eminent teacher turned and asked me in a very friendly way, “Who are you?” I think he did this to bring me into the fellowship with my peers. I blurted out, “I’m a son of God, born-again, Spirit filled, tongue talking, fire breathing Christian who will tell anyone about Jesus who wants to hear and you can call me Ian”, he almost choked on his food but let out a great laugh and smiled and nodded, he knew I knew.

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2 thoughts on “5. Who am I? by Dr Ian Traill

  1. Met Ian a few months ago at St Clair in the church there… New Horizons Community Church led by Psr Ian Rains & Psr Shane Conlon. He spoke about his ministry, going to different nation like China, & when He finished I was going to give that poster back to him when he looked at me & smiled, ‘You can have that’ I’ve never forgotten that. I could see somewhere in ur eyes that that poster was the last 1 that u had, even though u made out that u had many more. I really appreciate it Ian… THANK YOU & GOD BLESS YOU & YOUR MINISTRY!


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