Bible College

Our 1st year is Free, but we have recently changed the way of doing things.
For years 2, 3 and 4 to protect our copyright, or restrict people from copying our materials and distributing them as their own, we have converted the material to ‘ebook’ format and this has a small charge for its use.

You will be able to go to our site and get the links for student manuals which are free and link for ebook which you must pay for. Please take the time to check out our College Course Outline and Links

Bible studies are listed below, please contact us for any further help you may need.

Please download, fill in and return to us


Assessment test Sheet


Free 1st year Bible College


Certificate of Leadership Training.

Subjects to be listed

Year 1 – Certificate of Biblical Studies

1. Basic Doctrine, 2. Old Testament Survey, 3. Lords Return, 4. Divine Healing,5. New Creation Realities, 6. New Testament Survey, 7. New Testament Church, 8. Demonology, 9. The Holy Spirit,10. Faith Dynamics

Year 2 Associate Diploma of Biblical Studies

11. Evangelism, 12. Fundamentals of Faith, 13. A New Creation, 14. Christology 1 of 3, 15. Christology 2 of 3, 16. Christology 3 of 3, 17. Missiology 1 of 2, 18. Missiology 2 of 2, 19. Study on Faith, 20. Overview of the Old Testament

Year 3 Diploma of Ministry

21. Overview of the New Testament, 22. Distress to Leadership, 23. Bible Prophecy 1 of 3, 24. Bible Prophecy 2 of 3, 25. Bible Prophecy 3 of 3, 26. Synergy of Scripture 1 of 2, 27. Synergy of Scripture 2 of 2, 28. To be sub item, 29. To Be sub item,30. To be sub item

Year 4 Diploma of Theological Studies

Graduation Photos

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