Christian volunteers needed in China – July 2016

Can you believe this is happening here in China?

Hello friends, supporters, pastors and church leaders, we are looking for some English speaking Christian volunteers to come to China in July 2016 for 1 to 3 weeks.

You will work with a Chinese teacher teaching English in our home training schools to Primary and Middle school Kids.

We have training schools in many places all over China now with 7000 kids.

All cost to get here and a accommodation need to be met by you. But in some cases we could have some accommodation.

BUT, please before you say yes!

If you believe that body piercing and tattooing is acceptable, please do not request to help, although if you are remorseful about getting tattoos and you have removed all the piercing from noses, chick, eyes and etc; feel free to offer. The Latin word for “tattoo” is stigma.

We should not get tattoos as it does defile the temple and the safety of getting them is also tempting God to heal us if we get sick. Poison in will destroy the body. People have died from tattoos. We do not need a graven image of Christ on our bodies as He dwells within. Further to this it is commanded that we are not to get tattoos and body piercing .

As it is with all sin it will come down to the condition of the heart. A remorseful heart is an  attitude that hates sin.

We are trying to protect the impressionable children here. In this culture these things are related to the underworld.

We would also like you to have your pastors endorsement.


Traillblazer Ministries Newsletter September October 2015

Dear Brothers and Sisters

You will find our latest Newsletter at this link. Some great things happening and photos.

I am planning a trip to Pakistan, Kenya, Uganda, Accra and South Africa at the end of Dec and into January 2016. We will have graduation in Pakistan, Kenya, Uganda and South Africa. Accra is an invitation to preach at a friend’s church, KAKRA BAIDEN while I am in Africa. Please pray that this will all come together and be safe.