The step to help this school in a Muslim area in Uganda is starting show fruit.

The step to help this school in a Muslim area in Uganda is starting show fruit. Please read.

Praise the Lord Dr.
We are grateful to our sponsors for their effort in helping us to improve the future of our children in Uganda. We are grateful for the Water tank construction that has alleviated the water shortage at school and reduced tremendously the water borne diseases since its inception.

The joy you have set in the school is not only for children but for the teachers also and parents. The tank has greatly changed the mind of many parents in the area and the school population increased bringing even Muslims who we have started slowly sharing the good news of salvation. This is a great support and step forward for the school; thank u. One thing though on the water tank, there is a need to enlarge the underground area for a new widening of the water tank to enable us conserve more water for the upcoming dry spell. If possible, this could have been done during the rainy season now to help us preserve water. This could cost us another $551.5 to cover the whole projected.

Also, we are grateful to have had us in mind and getting us computers which are on the way to our school.It has now elevated the school from being a village one to a modern school with many parents desiring to bring their children to the school and be instilled in the new global village. The kids have already got the news of the incoming computers and its the talk of the school now!

As the population increases, the need for more classes has also risen. We intend to build a two storey floor classroom block to accommodate around 300 kids in the first phase. This will be vital for the City authority standards and school image too as well as space. We have calculated it to cost $ 13,221. We hope this will greatly solve the space problem.

Last but not least is the Children and orphanage accommodation which i earlier communicated to you. We have had various meetings with the Landlord to be allowed more time not to sell the premise to another because its vital to us as a school. Today, we are highly charged in rent fees and can’t easily save to cater for other school pressing needs. So, i beseech you that the earlier we deal with it the better.

Once again, thank u for the support.
Pastor Achileo Byaruhanga-Uganda.