The “All” that will be saved

The new Israel is not a physical nation! It’s a spiritual one called the Church (Matthew 8:11). The Church does not replace Israel it is the further development. The old Israel still exists but they are separated from God, but that is by their own choice, because they did not want to accept the Messiah. God is divorced, but He is preparing His bride.

The Church is not a denomination! It is not a nation!

It is a collection of called out people who have dedicated their lives to serving God and His Christ and they are called repentant believers.

People from England, Australia, New Zealand, Northern Ireland, Canada, U.S.A and the house of Judah and Israel etc, will not get into heaven because of their genealogy or their nationality. Some people who call themselves Christians will also not enter into heaven as Jesus will not know them (Matthew 7:21-22).

The only nation or genealogy that will go into heaven is the one that has been totally translated by the faith of God, though a personal act of repentance and the blood of Jesus. The “All” that the Bible refers to as those that will be saved is the “All” who have met the Biblical requirements of salvation and definitely not a nation one is born in.

Repentance is the key, Jesus is the door.

No repentance – no salvation!



Defiled Man


When man sinned and did not repent he lost his spiritual dynamic of direct communication with God and now the consequence of this is that all the descendents are spiritually inert or dead without spiritual inspiration. The veil of sin had been put between us and God. Adam had died in the spirit reducing him to a defiled triune in makeup, body and soul. “But” this does not mean that man has no conscience, but that his conscience is not impacted by the Holy Spirit as it is in the believer. By way of example; we could take some elements like a clear glass of water at room temperature and we can see though it, but if we drop another element in like some ink into the water it becomes cloudy and less transparent. The sin in man is like the ink clouding his thinking.

The diagram below shows the difference of the original design to the fallen state of man.


defiled triuneWe are the descendents of Adam born into this world with a spirit that is dead. Our conscience is seared to the things of God and we operate in our makeup being governed by our mind and body. But once we become aware of the knowledge of good and evil, then the penalties of sin fall upon us. Following this we receive, by the leading of the Spirit of God, the realization for the need to repent of our own sins. Then to accept that Jesus is the required atonement for our sins we can be saved.

Once we have taken the step of repentance salvation is given to us and the cleansing work begins by the grace of God.




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At the End of the 1000 Years


The Second Resurrection will occur after the one thousand years (Millennium) rule of Christ and the Church on this earth. Christ will demonstrate to all the glory of God’s rule and some who become believers in Him and those who are born and die during the Millennium will be in the Second Resurrection along with all unbelievers covering all the ages (John 5:28,29 – Revelation 20:5,6 – Daniel 12:22 – 2Peter 2:4 – 1 Corinthians 6:2,3). They, together with the fallen angels, will all come to stand before the Great White Throne where God will sit and judge all. The Lamb’s Book of Life will be opened which will have a list of all the new believers who were converted during the Millennium, for the purpose of confirmation of entry into heaven.

The believers who were resurrected at the time of the First Resurrection will not be judged at the second resurrection, because as we have seen, previously they had already repented, accepting the blood, the truth of Christ by faith without seeing Him.
14.4. The White Throne

This brings us to the first group to come before God at the White Throne. This group is found in the Lamb’s Book of Life (Revelation 20:15). These are all who have become believers and obeyed God’s Word and lived a righteous life during the Millennium and acknowledged the sovereignty of Christ and worshipped Him (Zechariah 14:16-21) and who will overcome the Great Testing at the end of the Millennium (Revelation 20:7-9).

14.5. The Lake of Fire
The next group to be resurrected will be of the non-believers and these will be all who never called on the name of Jesus for forgiveness or sought to live according to the Word of God, before Christ came the second time, plus all who did not live according to the Law before Christ came the first time. This is a physical resurrection unto condemnation where shame and everlasting damnation will be revealed to the resurrected unbelievers (Daniel 12:2- John 5:29- Acts 24:15). The physical resurrection (Matthew 10:28 – John 5:26-29) will be to show to all the consistency of God’s law, the condemned will see their own unrighteousness (Job 9:3 – Isaiah 64:6) compared to God’s righteousness and they will go into the lake of fire (Romans 2:5, 6).

We must all face our sins and repent now because after death there is no right of appeal found in the Bible. There is no record in the Bible to say that your loved ones can pray or pay your way out of hell.

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‘The faith of Jesus’

Galatians 2:16 says we are saved by; ‘The faith of Jesus’ and not by our works of the law.
In the case of Zaccheus in Luke 19:-10, it was the revelation that Jesus is the Son of God, and the need to repent that set him free. Mark 1:15 urges us to “Repent, and believe the Gospel.” In Luke 13:5 the consequences of not repenting are stressed “But unless you repent, you will all likewise perish.” Jesus commands it in Matthew 4:17 “From that time Jesus began to preach and to say, ‘Repent, for the kingdom of Heaven is at hand.’”
Thus we have salvation instantaneously as we are justified by what Jesus did and then simultaneously we come into a state of regeneration-cum-renovation as progressively we are changed in an ongoing process (1Corinthians 3: 2-1) of sanctification by the Holy Spirit and the Word of God.


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Abstract from my book, Sacraments a misnomer

Sacraments a Misnomer

Sacraments a Misnomer by Dr. Ian Traill

This book is in response to some questions regarding the traditional views of sacraments and the dynamics of salvation as Man tries to gain grace through his self efforts; if that were possible.

First of all let us ask some questions before we open up this study.

Ø  Should anyone in the 21st century be challenging the time-honoured views of scholarly Biblical men over the past two millennia?

Ø  Should we hold these people or their teaching as sacred?

Ø  Is doctrine locked in and finished, with no room for debate in the 21st Century?

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To answer these questions I have followed the rules of Biblical hermeneutics, paying special attention to what appears to be a conflict in Scripture and opening these up for a new perspective. We should not hold doctrine or what previous theologians have said as sacred, as their teachings are open to human frailty and error, as ours is too. Therefore we should be reviewing doctrine, but still have respect for the ones who went before.
This beautiful term, “we see through a glass darkly” is found in the Old King James Bible and refers to looking into a poor quality mirror getting some distortion in your reflection or as the Darby translation puts it, “we see now through a dim window obscurely” (1Corinthians13:12). The “glass darkly” effect of seeing the truth of the Bible only in part; may have been caused by the lapse of time, the history of the Church, non-Spirit led people, a denominational accommodating theology to justify a particular stance, or our fallibility as humans. In many cases these factors have caused us at times to be unfaithful to God’s Word.

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