Abstract from my book, Sacraments a misnomer

Sacraments a Misnomer

Sacraments a Misnomer by Dr. Ian Traill

This book is in response to some questions regarding the traditional views of sacraments and the dynamics of salvation as Man tries to gain grace through his self efforts; if that were possible.

First of all let us ask some questions before we open up this study.

Ø  Should anyone in the 21st century be challenging the time-honoured views of scholarly Biblical men over the past two millennia?

Ø  Should we hold these people or their teaching as sacred?

Ø  Is doctrine locked in and finished, with no room for debate in the 21st Century?

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To answer these questions I have followed the rules of Biblical hermeneutics, paying special attention to what appears to be a conflict in Scripture and opening these up for a new perspective. We should not hold doctrine or what previous theologians have said as sacred, as their teachings are open to human frailty and error, as ours is too. Therefore we should be reviewing doctrine, but still have respect for the ones who went before.
This beautiful term, “we see through a glass darkly” is found in the Old King James Bible and refers to looking into a poor quality mirror getting some distortion in your reflection or as the Darby translation puts it, “we see now through a dim window obscurely” (1Corinthians13:12). The “glass darkly” effect of seeing the truth of the Bible only in part; may have been caused by the lapse of time, the history of the Church, non-Spirit led people, a denominational accommodating theology to justify a particular stance, or our fallibility as humans. In many cases these factors have caused us at times to be unfaithful to God’s Word.

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