5. Ten Christian Foundational Studies lessons 21 to 30

The word precision has an implication of importance and we need to know how to handle it 978-1-921978-42-5_frontcoverin our defence against the enemy. We need to understand the Word of God clearly, so that we can extinguish the fiery arrows of the enemy.

Now if you agree with me, and you see the importance of studying the Word of God. Let me make some suggestions on how to use this book. Each study has a set of questions and you should write them in your study book. The individual and the group leader may use this booklet for studying His word.

For the individual
a) The individual should take some time in prayer, before asking the Holy Spirit to open to you revelations about His Word.
b) You will need your Bible when studying these studies. Why? Because you will need to check up on me to see what is written is in accordance with the Word of God. You are responsible for your walk with God.
c) You will need to make some notes as you are studying; therefore you will need a pencil and a notebook. I would also recommend that you write your revelations in your Bible.

For group leaders
1) For group leaders open with a time of pray and or worship.
2) You could do these lessons over a period of one year taking two weeks or more for each study as you see fit.
3) It is beneficial to have group discussion about the topic, but leaders must take a few hours to study the notes to gain personal revelation before the meeting.
4) A leader is to lead, but if you are only reading the notes at the same time as everyone else, you have not studied and found yourself approved.
5) Again everyone should have his or her own Bible, Pencil and notebook.

Finally this booklet is only a suggestion on studying. If you have nothing of your own to share, this material can be a resource for you to use. But please consider the topics of the booklet, because these topics are essential for a young Christian in regards to a 978-1-921978-42-5_backcoverhealthy development in the Word of God.

May our Lord Jesus put a fire in your bones and that one day through you many will come into His Kingdom.

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This booklet of study lessons is not a complete study in any of the fields of study, but nevertheless we believe that this set of study notes cover most topics that are required for a new Christians. This booklet is only an introductory to more develop studies and it is hoped that from these lessons that the new Christian will develop a hunger to study the Word of God more deeply.