Cricketers and some Christian Judges

cricket4lpI am disgusted by some Christians on social media and there lack of consistency. One example is that one guy said when, I asked him a question about his understanding of grace from his post on Facebook, “Are you saying after you are saved and if you break the Law you will not suffer penalty?

His answer was, “Absolutely I am saying that. For I am not under law. I am under grace.”

My response to that is, “all the best with that thinking.”

Then he made another statement in another post saying, “The Australian Cricketers should be banned for life for cheating.

My thought is that this seems to be hypocrisy or double standards. He had one rule for Christians and another for the Cricketers (non-Christians). This preacher should be ashamed of himself for making posts about grace and then demanding Law in another. When I pointed out the double standard he called me names. Then he went onto saying that his rule is that you cannot take a comment from one post and apply it in another. A very inconsistent and unstable approach. Every word we speak or published will be heard by God and others may read them and see this inconsistency. Our whole life will be before God.

When we make a mistake in the life there will be a penalty in the world and in eternity too. God’s rule is consistent. God is waiting for a heartfelt remorse for doing the wrong things and not a remorse for getting caught.

If there is a heartfelt remorseful repentance for doing the wrong thing; then the effect on our eternal standing will be removed by God. Of course there are those who want grace for themselves and demand Law from others. If no remorse there will be a penalty eternally.

The world thinkers will want Law and Penalty for any slip-up. The world is much more ruthless in its demands than God, but God will have the last say on eternal issues. Repentance is the core to restoration and reconciliation.

We need to share a balance of grace and judgement or people will find it hard to understand the Kingdom of God.

There is no such thing as automatic forgiveness for sin.

Jesus’ blood washes away the sin of man, but it does not wash away the law. His grace is everywhere but it is only available on request and then His mercy will flow.

Psalm 107:19-20 “Then they cried out to the Lord in their trouble, and He saved them out of their distresses. He sent His word and healed them, and delivered them from their destruction”

The Church needs to view this.



Be careful of Deception




Be careful of the counterfeit church!

Many churches and even some Pentecostals churches are counterfeit.

Where God builds a group of worshipers, Satan will set up a chapel for his deception. Some Pentecostals churches and the Roman Catholic Church are not Christianity, but are cults with large numbers. God will save His remnant and some will come out from among them.

The list of different counterfeit denomination can be very long, just because I have not mentioned a denomination or a church, do not think you are safe from false teaching. We should read the Bible and check-up on what we are following; so that we know what is true and what is not.

It is not wrong to judge! We must judge in comparison to the Bible as it is the foundation of righteousness.

It is a good thing to make a judgement on deception from these false movements and know that we should point out the error so that some may be saved. Yes saved from deception. We need be able to see this by studying what the Bible says about any given topic. Then it is our responsibility to warn less astute people with the hope of saving some.

Judgement is something we must DO and do it ourselves with comparison to the Word of God, because if we leave it up to God to judge our lives we will find out we have made many mistakes and not end up where we want to be. If we think God will weigh up what is good against what is not good in us we are mistaken as this is not found in the Bible. God will only be looking at our position in Christ. All sin will have an eternal consequence.

If we fail and we will; we need to know that the only way back to God is through repentance; ASKING for mercy from God’s boundless Grace. Many good people will go to hell because they have not taken care of their own Christian life and left it up to man’s church/organization to decide what to believe and follow.

You may ask the question, Do you really think Jesus Christ is going to Judge and throw in hell 900 million Catholic and many millions Pentecostal people who Believe He is the son of God?” The answer to this question is quite clear from God’s Word, “YES”. Satan believed in Jesus and he will not be saved. We need more than just to believe to be saved when you consider the whole Word of God. We need to have a life that matches God’s Word and repent of any and all sins.

What do you need to know to be saved? The blood of Jesus removes the sins of man, but the required catalyst for salvation is repentance by man. The blood of Jesus removes the sins! But make sure you repent! Obedience keeps you in the right relationship with God, but you better make sure you repent of any new sins to maintain your Christian life. Yes, “Sin can still cause you to lose your salvation.”

A modern trend of “Soft Grace” in the church is encapsulated in these statements from a Pentecostal preacher, “There is unconditional forgiveness, We never truly stop sinning but God’s ok with that, Confession of sin to God is unnecessary, The doctrine of repentance from sin is not for believers, The law caused Paul to be deceived in sin, Believers aren’t punished for sin” and I have may more statements like this.

2Timothy 4:3-4 For a time will be when they will not endure sound doctrine, but they will heap up teachers to themselves according to their own lusts, tickling the ear. 4 And they will turn away their ears from the truth and will be turned to myths. (MKJV)

From this passage we may consider a few points. What are we listening to spiritually, are they Myths, Fables which mislead us? Do we have a spiritual deafness (a spiritual dyslexia) and don’t want to hear the Truth of the Gospel or take responsibility for our own walk. Are we being manipulated by unsound Doctrine and False Teachings from False Teachers?

With many cults around and a desire to have our ears scratched; apostasy can run rampant in these perilously times. We need guidance from the Bible and the Holy Spirit with cross checking with more mature Christians.  God is able to reveal the truth about His Word to anyone, anywhere, but He often use another person to do it too.

Man sinned and did not repent in the beginning and fell from grace and was therefore driven from the Garden and from direct contact with God; fellowship not relationship as God is still our heavenly Father. But now through Jesus we have peace with God and the fellowship has been restored. Jesus is our peace. This was God’s plan to bring us back to Him and re-establish communication with Him, which was given to us in Christ Jesus before the time began (2 Timothy 1:9).

Man had become like God knowing good and evil and you may say, “What is wrong with becoming like God as that is the aim of ever Christian to become like Him?” To be like Jesus and to believe in Him is a good thing, but without repentance it is just like being a tin drum with a golf ball hit into it rattling around inside it with no direction. Just like the tin that is a boundary to the golf ball so sin without repentance the restriction will never be removed.

You will not find in the Bible man was put out of the Garden because of sin! It was because he had become like God (Genesis 3:22). The all-knowing God does not have sin in Him. Then we must ask the question, “What didn’t Adam do that we must do to be saved? There is no record of him repenting in the Garden and we are asked to repent and believe to be saved. God being no respecter of man would also expect that from Adam too.

There is evidence of God’s grace when He killed the animal to cover their sin. We see God’s mercy not kill man for his sin but this mercy was followed by banishment. If we do not want to maintain the banishment from the Garden we need to ask for mercy for it to flow in our lives. Adam and Eve did not ask for mercy through the act of remorseful repentance.

Be very sure we need repentance to be able to enjoy the MERCY from God through his boundless, inordinate GRACE. Grace is shown at all times by God. God may show limited mercy but boundless Mercy is received only on request by the repentant person.

2 Chronicles 7:14 if My people, who are called by My name, shall humble themselves and pray, and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from Heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land. (MKJV)

1Corinthians 9:24-27 Do you not know that those running in a race all run, but one receives the prize? So run, that you may obtain. 25 And everyone who strives for the mastery is temperate in all things. Then those truly that they may receive a corruptible crown, but we an incorruptible. 26 So then I run, not as if I were uncertain. And so I fight, not as one who beats the air. 27 But I buffet my body, and lead it captive, lest proclaiming to others I myself might be rejected. (MKJV)

We are competing against sin and with God, He has made a way for us to overcome, but we have a part to play.

Repentance is needed in the House of the Lord.

When the whole teaching of the Bible is considered, it has to be consistent not excluding some!

Let us get back to the Bible and walk in the light then we will go forward in power.