Panic buying

Preachers need to be careful about the content of their messages while panic buyers are around.

End-times messages can be very powerful manipulative messages. Preachers can operate on the emotions of the reader or the listener to force a decision based on hysteria and panic in the world. The problem with terror procurement, is once the fear subsides you hide what you bought and feel embarrassed and say, “I will not do that again”.

The preacher may use a beat-up media report on what may be a sign of the Lords return, but he or she needs to be careful that they are not using fear of people going to hell to get people saved, as it is only a “Panic Purchase”.

These signs have always been around.

We need to preach and focus on Jesus and not on the signs. If we mention a sign do it only to teach about awareness of what is happening and the need to keep your eyes open. We need to make the messages more about Jesus as the answer.

If people respond out of fear then it will be hard to bring them back to Jesus at a later date.

Jesus tells us, the Father is the only one who knows the time of Jesus return, we cannot

Should the world should accept Jesus? Yes!


It is by sharing about the magnitude of love Jesus has among many virtues He shows in the Bible that compels the sinner repentance.

Dr Ian Traill


From a fallible messenger to all I loves.

Many people who I know and love were born into a family that followed God or were in a Christian denomination and have some little knowledge of God.

They looked at fallible me when I became a Christian and said, “he needed God”. All of them think they are good people and they will say that, “But it is now that they need God’. Some have allowed little sins into there life without the knowledge of How that hurts God, because all sin has the same penalty.

The sadness I feel is that they have not heard or seen the need to REPENT and believe in Jesus. My Knowledge and experience in God’s Word tells me that even good people will go to HELL, because we all need to repent and believe in Jesus to get to heaven. It’s hard to repent if you are a good person because you think that will get you there. Well it won’t!

Fallible man is the message bearer of an infallible Jesus.

Note: Fallibility is no excuse to keep on sinning!

Do not judge the Infallible Jesus by your judgement of fallible human messenger based on their history.

Your judgement of the fallible man messenger can have eternal consequences regarding the relationship with or without the Infallible Jesus.

Jesus said, “You must become Born-again” John 3:1-21

Then Lord is not happy with some Christians who say they are Christians who then go about criticizing government leaders. Then ones who bash you with what they think is the antichrist. Those who vote for people who support abortions, same sex marriage and the disfiguring the body with tattoos, proclaim a prosperity message, and turning out the lights in church hoping entertainment will get people saved.

God is happy when we talk about the purity of Jesus. Jesus is the major issue, the other points are minors. You need to major on JESUS.



Fixing the problems

If you say you don’t believe this then you are most likely not a Christian.
Repent and ask for God’s forgiveness.

2 Chronicles 7:13-14 New International Version (NIV)

13 “When I shut up the heavens so that there is no rain, or command locusts to devour the land or send a plague among my people, 14 if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

When you read the Bible and have an understanding of God’s word and you see a push to change the laws of a nation to normalize what God has called an abomination/sin. Then it stand to reason that God is not happy with us.

He removes His hands of protection over nations, mankind and parts of the Church. The only answer to FIXING the problems coming on man is to get BACK to the Bible and follow it, starting with believing in Jesus and repenting.

We have been directed to go into isolation for our protection, which is wise. BUT don’t waste your time doing nothing.

Fixing the Problems

We have a four year internet Bible College which you can study from home and send your papers to us via the net for correction.

Click on here to go to our College linkIMG_20200201_141906

Grace and mercy are parts of God’s virtue and has always been available to humanity as can be seen when God killed the animal in the garden to cover Adam’s sin and when Jesus died on the cross to take our sins away. Grace and mercy are available to all but there are requirements as an RSVP is required. When a person is made aware of their sins and the forgiveness of God is presented, most assuredly a personal response of repentance is required by God, without that there can be no salvation.

God loves everyone, but it may be different types of love He shows! Which one do you want?

His love (agape) for all sinners is unconditional, but that does not mean they will get into heaven at life’s end. God demands a payment for sin to be made and be recognised by sinners. To get into heaven one needs to recognise the need to repent and believe in Jesus who made the payment on our behalf. Even though the stains of sin may remain in our minds and in or on our bodies, God does not see them anymore.

However, for the Christian the love (philos) of God has conditions, or you may say, ‘He has a CLAUSE’ and that being, “To go and sin no more”. Therefore, a believer who sins can lose their salvation. Although God’s love remains but it reverts to agape love.

It is the Bible that points out what is sin and we need to point out the way of salvation and a continuous way of salvation as laid out in the Bible. Salvation is to believe in Jesus with the act of repentance.

A continuous way of salvation or self-maintained salvation dynamics are still believing in Jesus and repenting of any NEW sins.

Dr Ian Traill

Greetings from TTSBS South Africa

Dear Doc Traill

Please find attached photos from our 2019 class. God is so faithful that even though it’s hard for some students to understand English clearly but they have worked tirelessly to finish their studies. The school is expanding because this year we have 10 students from Eastrand who are starting their first year of school studying with TTSBS.

In South Africa we have now 2 branches which is Soweto and Thokoza.
We have 3 students in Botswana year one year 2 and year 3. Amazing what God is doing. We have a Pastor who is leading a church in Northwest about 400km away from Soweto who has graduated his first year with us and we looking forward to see a branch there and a branch in Botswana could open as we see the interest of the students. This is the reason we are looking for registration of the School in South Africa so we can serve Africa from there.
People are impressed by the standards of the material used in this school. There are many who want to study but funding is a problem. Class 2019 has funded 3 students who could not manage to pay for material as we only require to print them out notes to read and study notes to answer questions.
We were joined with a number of pastors who seem to be interested to the school and when they promised not to change our way of working with the heard office could be allowed to train their members using the material.
We praise the Lord for the material allowed to be used. We are trusting God to provide us with the best energy to reach more African nations with the material

RegardsPastor Johnson Mncube

Africa Outreach Ministries

P.O. Box 438 Dobsonville 1865


South Africa

Ph. +00 27  7 1 678 4988



We also had a graduation in Uganda and Kenya. Graduation in Mwea and being given a mantel to carry the ministry whole of East Africa and James Ebayu director of Kenya of Traillblazer, Tony Smits Bible College. In the photos you will also see our International Director Johnson Mncube SA

Dear Doc
Christians Greetings to you and the family, I hope this report finds you doing well. I thank God for all the word he has done this year to allow the graduations to take place in the two countries although other centres in Uganda failed to organize the graduation.
I thank God for International Director for Africa Apostle Johnson Mncube who arrive on 28th November 2019 in Kampala Uganda, it was a blessing to have him with us.then on Sunday we went to one of the Church in our area and we were welcomed back the next day for ministry.
we had graduation in Kampala on 2nd December 2019 in one of the churches being abrupt change many people did not attend because the major celebration was meant in Busia which failed to organize so that day 7 student turn up and others failed to turn up, they were denied by their employer to come for the graduation.
on Wednesday we left for Kenya three of us one pastor from Uganda and Johnson and me, the arrive in Nairobi at 11 am and to the venue, at 2 Pm Brother Johnson was given an opportunity to minister at the revival meeting at 7 Pm and the days we continued with the conference.
On 7th December 2019, the graduation started at 10 am – 3 pm 18 students graduated one failed to turn up, this was attended by a Chief in the area who promised to join the studies . in the spirit we were appointed by International Director Ap Johnson Mncube to be Bp James Mucira to be Country Director for Kenya and Rev. James Ebayu to be East Africa Director for Traillblazer Tony Smits Bible College to move work to other places


Christian are sucked in!

If you have supported a person who is a footballer, rock star, politician and or an identity who say they are Christians. You better be careful who you support.

Of late I have seen a so-called Christian footballer with new tattoos.  Maybe he used the money you gave him to fight his legal battle while you forgot to support missions.

A pop star who says he is a Christian with more new tattoos and provocative photos of him and new girlfriend.

Even a cricket star with an eagle on his back which he relates to Scripture about waiting on the Lord for his strength.

From Scripture none of these people will enter heaven.

I can afford to be wrong with our teaching about not getting Tattoos as it will not take anyone to hell. But those who say getting tattoos and body piercing is OK when some Scripture says it not OK; they have to be 100% correct or they will have to answer God for leading some to hell.

Jeremiah 8:12 Were they ashamed when they had done an abomination? No, they were not at all ashamed, nor could they blush; therefore, they shall fall among those who fall; in the time of their visitation they shall be cast down, says Jehovah. (MKJV)

A spirit of rebellion is in the Church.

Grace is part of God’s virtue and has always been available to humanity as can be seen when God killed the animal in the garden to cover Adams sin and when Jesus died on the cross. Grace is available to all but there are requirements. An RSVP is required when a person is made aware of their sins and the forgiveness of God is presented.

If you or I are aware of sin in ourselves or in the camp of the saints and we do nothing about it claiming that grace will cover it, you are mistaken, because if we do that then we have become little gods, and we share in the sin.

If we are observant, we will notice people in our churches who say they are Christians doing things which are not God’s will. Many have asked me about the manifest presence of God to come into their churches, so they can be in revival. I am sure they don’t know what revival is like. They asked me about gold dust and diamonds on the seats, smoking, drinking, homosexuality, body piercing and tattoos. They ask because they really want to see God, but they show themselves smoking, drinking, with body piercing and tattoos on Facebook and think they are representing God. Well they are not! They are representing the lusts of the flesh.

The world is lost and looking for a light. Jesus is the light, but we are meant to be little lights, we are the Bible people read.

If we are not offering Holiness how can attract people into the Kingdom of God?