Home again

Dear friends
53 days on the road with preaching 34 times and with travelling over 32000 Km, seven countries.
Around 80 people saved with many hearing the Gospel and being filled with the Holy Spirit.

Kenya, preached 8 times and started a new campus of study there

Uganda, preached 8 times, one day it was all day teaching on leadership and started many new campus of study in the country area.

South Africa, preached 10 days, did 2 graduations and made plans to expand into some other countries and country areas. One day leadership training

Belgium, preached 2 days and started a new campus of study there and in Nigeria

France, visited the village Trelly, where my family came from 1000 years ago and where we got our name.

Scotland, preached 5 times over the week and visited many cousins and old home sites where my family lived and where I was born.

England, preached 1 day in Luton, visited my cousin in Wolverhampton and other family old home sites from 950 to 750 years ago and.

Now I am back in China and on with the work here.
Bless you


Dr. Ian Traill