Who is your Champion?

The world is full of media outlets bringing the news almost as soon as it happens, with Sports-people, Actors, Politicians, Musicians, Religious figures and other personalities dying almost daily.

When we look at their lives in many cases, but not all, they have lived a life of delusion in whatever form it takes, ego, drugs, sex, control and etc.

They may have been filmed cuddling a monkey, dog and even wanted to save the whales also they may have been active in changing some injustices; which are all worthy efforts. Some people think how wonderful they are and even idolize them in some form.  Some Christians, even quote these people’s words even when it contradicts the Bible and say they are wise.


When we look closely at these personalities we find out that many have rejected the Christian faith and even publicly denounced Jesus Christ and or the Christian way of life. In the past I had done some of the same things as many of them did, but thank God, I didn’t overdose causing my own death on my way to finding Jesus.

I was almost lost in the religion of self, but I was given a chance by God, and I know everyone gets that chance somewhere in life.

When I see Christians idolizing these people on their posts, blogs etc, I am grieved because we are not looking close enough and are misled by the media and by our own choice. When we idolize these people we are also leading younger Christian astray by saying these are great people.

My question is, “Who is your champion?”

For me, Jesus is the only one who personifies perfection in all fields of endeavour; “He is my champion!”

I have other smaller champions too, like my pastor, teachers, mentors and small people all over the Body of Christ the Church praying, who have all given their lives to saving people from hell, but I don’t idolize them, I love them.

My Champion of Champions is Jesus!

Is Jesus your Champion?