The “All” that will be saved

The new Israel is not a physical nation! It’s a spiritual one called the Church (Matthew 8:11). The Church does not replace Israel it is the further development. The old Israel still exists but they are separated from God, but that is by their own choice, because they did not want to accept the Messiah. God is divorced, but He is preparing His bride.

The Church is not a denomination! It is not a nation!

It is a collection of called out people who have dedicated their lives to serving God and His Christ and they are called repentant believers.

People from England, Australia, New Zealand, Northern Ireland, Canada, U.S.A and the house of Judah and Israel etc, will not get into heaven because of their genealogy or their nationality. Some people who call themselves Christians will also not enter into heaven as Jesus will not know them (Matthew 7:21-22).

The only nation or genealogy that will go into heaven is the one that has been totally translated by the faith of God, though a personal act of repentance and the blood of Jesus. The “All” that the Bible refers to as those that will be saved is the “All” who have met the Biblical requirements of salvation and definitely not a nation one is born in.

Repentance is the key, Jesus is the door.

No repentance – no salvation!