Novels – Historical Fiction

“This book is one of those deeply satisfying reads. When the last page turns, there is a warm sense of hope that grace and peace can be found in all life’s adversities. The author has used a simply yet gripping style in rendering this story. It will move you to tears in one chapter, and have your sides aching in laughter the next; such is the gentle yet profound power of this book. It is destined to do well.”

Buy this book at this link:Just a Slip of a Girl by Jacqueline Mary Rolley


It gives me great pleasure to recommend this book by Carla Evans. She is the author of five other books and has brought her wide experience of life to this one.

Her experience as a wife, mother, pastor and chaplain to Veterans of all wars have all combined to give her a comprehensive background to read insight into Bible stories. Her personal spiritual growth has also enabled her to expand this story so that it comes to life.

We don’t read much about Abishag although her contribution to King David’s welfare was vital. She was in a particularly powerful position although we can easily miss its significance and its influence on the downfall of the self-appointed King, Adonijah and the anointing of King Solomon.
Betty Harbottle B.Ed.

Buy this book at this link: Abishag By Carla Evans




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