The challenge for the Church

The challenge for the Church

We have to change TO the Word of God!
As a missionary we need to find the Godly elements in a nation/society/people group to make a connection to bring the Gospel and not become like them. If you try to bring your national,social, people culture you will fail because all human cultures are corrupt and imperfect. If you bring God’s true culture you will succeed. You will not need to hold your breath for too long to see the hand of God moving if you stay true to God’s Culture as pertaining to the whole Bible.

With no compromise. It is like saying, “We take no prisoners only volunteers”

This is the challenge for the Church.


1 thought on “The challenge for the Church

  1. Yes Pastor you have put it into a nutshell perfectly\, as you always do, The true Church of Christ Jesus our Lord has a challenge take God’s word to the nation, not a so called new idea.


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