Is it a lie to say, “Grace will cover sin?”



Is it not our own fault if we are DELUDED?  Yes, if we form our opinions on someone else’s opinion without checking it out in the Bible.

If something is sinful, according to Scripture we cannot say, “I am prayerfully considering my position on this topic.” The plain unequivocal statements of Scripture are not things we need to pray about.  They are to be accepted and obeyed, to do otherwise leads only to being in a state of deception and/or denial.

We then become “cherry-picking”, cafeteria, carte blanche Christians, with wishy-washy theology”. We cannot pick and choose which scripture to accept, reject or modify to suit our individual tastes. Anyone aspiring to be a leader has to accept the Bible as it is written, or they are not leaders in the Word of God.

In fact, they have become tools in the enemy’s hands. They put themselves in God’s place and make their own opinions of greater authority than the Word of God.

Let me say it another way. When we say;

One. It’s the Word of God,

Two, I believe it

Three, that settles it.

It sounds great but in this equation we are the central factor because if we do not believe it, we will not accept the Word of God nor obey it.

The correct synergistic equation understanding of the Bible requires a three-point perspective in a different order to compare to the above.

One, The Bible is God’s Word.

Two, The Bible is settled (Finished work) whether I understand it or even believe it.

Three, I am blessed if I believe it and follow its direction and commands for my life.

In this equation the Word of God and God factors are first and second while the personal factor is last.

There is a big “I” in the middle of “SIN”. My acceptance of the Bible as the key factor, rather than the result is idolatry of self-worship!

Many liberal[1] theologians believe:

1) That the Bible is not “God-breathed” and has errors

2) The virgin birth of Christ is a myth

3) Jesus did not rise from the dead in the tomb in a bodily form

4) Jesus was only a good moral teacher and there were no supernatural miracles

5) Man is not lost in sin and going to Hell, as Hell does not exist.

6) Moses did not write the first five books of the Bible

7) They decide what is good towards their neighbour (Love or not)

Some liberalists say they believe grace can cover the sin of Christians while the unsaved do not have this benefit. They advocate God can change His position based on their statement, “We are not under law but under grace”, which is correct up to a point. My answer is that we are only under grace if we ask for it.

If we hope that unlimited Grace without our repentance, we are bound for Hell.

If we trust in Unlimited Grace plus our repentance Heaven is our destination.

Grace is part of God’s nature and was in God at the time of killing the animal when He covered man’s sin in the Garden. Grace was in God when Jesus died on the cross to take away our sins. Grace has always been a part of God, but it comes to its full fruition with our act of repentance. Without repentance we will not receive Grace. Grace is not just a New Testament concept; it is throughout the Bible.

The laws of God are in the Old Testament; but there are more laws in the New Testament. Understanding the grace and law of God can be summed up in one word, “Obedience”. It is obedience; because you obey God; not because you have to, but you want to!

God’s grace is there for all, but so is His judgment there for all too. If you live your life without reflecting on the Word of God, then God will be a Terrible Judge.

Adam’s and our problem is the unwillingness to repent. Then add to this the Christians who add a “get out of jail” clause by saying, “We (Pastors/Leaders) are hoping for grace to cover this sin in a person who is serving in the church.”  Do you want to know something about this type of grace? There is no such grace in the Bible!

Sin is not covered or removed by grace, unless associated with repentance!

“Be holy”

“Be holy” is a command to obedience, but it has two dynamics; one is imparted from God through Jesus which is imputed to us. The “be” is the command that we are to take an active role in the process of being holy. We must make an effort to achieve the state of holiness even though we may be feeble at it. But the answer is very simple as you will see.

God had passed judgment on sin (ALL SIN) at the beginning of time and sin cannot be found in a Holy God and He desires for us to be holy too. His judgment on sin is settled for all time and that is sin cannot stay in His presence. Judgment on sin was before Satan’s fall which was some time before Adam’s fall and is with us every time we sin too.

We need to face the fact that it is not only sin but the lack of repentance born of self pride that keeps us separated from God. If our iniquities have come between us and God along with our complaining, what restores us back to God? Repentance and the appropriation of Jesus’ blood if only we would listen (Isaiah 59:2).

Man died a spiritual death, but it did not stop God from loving him (us). He is still our Father even when we are in sin. He so loved the world that He sent His Son to save us. Do you think God knew that we were going to sin? All He is waiting for is for us to say is, “Sorry”, and so is all of creation waiting for us to do that. Repentance is turning away from sin to God; showing by action that one is truly sorry. That means if the Bible says no more of this and that, it means that.

We may read these Scriptures 1Peter 1:15 and Leviticus 11:44 and feel defeated as we struggle with issues in our lives. But God sent His Son to make atonement for our sins clearing the debt of sin once and for all.

God is Holy and in Him there is no shadow of darkness and we need to understand that holiness means ‘to be separated from sin’; holiness is directly related to God’s righteousness. Holiness is the pure, loving nature of our God who has sent His Son to make atonement for sin, clearing the debt of sin once and for all.

1Peter 1:15 but according to the Holy One who has called you, you also become holy in all conduct, 16 because it is written, “Be holy, for I am holy.” (MKJV)

We see clearly in these two scriptures that God is saying He is holy.

Leviticus 11:44 For I am the LORD your God: ye shall therefore sanctify yourselves, and ye shall be holy; for I am holy: neither shall ye defile yourselves with any manner of creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth. (MKJV)

God is not asking you to prayerfully consider your position on whether you want to or not want to be holy; it’s a command “Be holy, for I am holy.”

Take heart, God stood with Adam when he had sinned in the Garden. He also stood and talked with the serpent in the Garden (Genesis chapter 3). He allowed Satan to stand before Him and ask permission to test Job (Job chapter 1 & 2). He permits Satan to accuse the brethren. (Revelation 12:10) That might explain why the unrighteous can come into the Church and not be struck down by the power of God. Satan can make requests to God to test and sift us, just as he had done with Peter (Luke 22:31). Zechariah 3:1 also states that God can stand where sin is.

God waits for us to repent and have a life attitude of repentance.

A life-attitude of repentance

Our battle is in the mind which can be called the middle ground between the body and the spirit. Our body is still literally outside the presence of God, therefore if our mind and body agree to sin, then we will sin. Our revelation in the working of God in us and around us will help in our defence, but not only that; it can aid us in our advancement as we serve an all powerful God.

Now it is another matter in the born-again Christian. The new spirit of man has more to say because it is being influenced by the Holy Spirit. We also have the mind of Christ. It takes a conscious decision for the Spirit-filled Christian to sin. In the believer, sin still wants to have control, but if he listens to the Holy Spirit and his new spirit, then his mind needs to make a decision on whether or not to sin. If the believer comes into agreement with the Holy Spirit, his body will come into subjection to his renewed spirit.

It is at the initial act of salvation that we are born-again. This experience is where we receive His righteousness and are no longer sinners. We have attained a holy life, not by our efforts but by Jesus’ efforts: “we are saved by this plus nothing” instantaneously.

We have been saved at the cross by Jesus’ act of justification (Hebrews 2:9, Romans 5:18, Colos­sians 2:13-14, Eph­esians 2:5&8 and 2Corinthi­ans 5:19).

We are also being saved day by day in the process of renovation (regeneration) and sanctification through the Word of God and His Spirit (1Corinthians 15:2, 2Corinthians 2:15, 2Timothy 4:18).

We will be saved at the end of our life too, when He takes us home.

A life attitude of repentance is a work of faith, but not a work to gain salvation, that has happened not by works but by Jesus’ faith in us, but to maintain our life in Him.

Maintaining our spiritual life is a work of faith. If we are the Temple of the Holy Spirit, and we are, then the onus is on us to be pure. Consider this; if the Temple is filthy, would a holy God be content to dwell in it? The Holy Spirit in us would be grieved. Blessed is the person who has within him an un-grieved Holy Spirit.

To say, “I am prayerfully considering my position on, homosexuality, tattoos, body piercing, lying, steeling, speaking against others and the list goes on in our Bibles” is nothing short of a great copout. That is to say some suffer from the sin of unbelief. The Bible says no to them all. Grace is with God eternally; but it requires a response of repentance from a sinful person, unsaved and Christian alike.

We cannot defeat sin by our efforts; we need God to help us. Associated with His help is our willingness to act with repentance when we have sinned.

Prayerful ask God for a revelation on His justice.

Jesus said I will build my people (Church), so why do people soften down the Word of God and expecting revival? Christians need to stop having a sliding scale on sins.

All sin receives the same punishment.

We should not preach about sin as an emphasis; but the emphases should be the Christian’s life of repentance; as we will lose our salvation if we stay in sin.

What did Adam do that was so bad? He took a piece of fruit. Taking a piece of fruit is the same as a mass murder in God’s eyes.  He loves us all. But because He is a JUST GOD, only the repentant believers will He be pleased in and they will enter into His rest.  Remember many Christians will hear these words from Jesus because they have sinned and not repented; “Away from Me I know you not” Yes read it in context and see He is talking to so-called Christians. Matthew 7:21-23

Is it a lie to say, “Grace will cover sin?” Yes and No!

In the Old Testament God’s grace could only cover sin.

In the New Testament God’s grace will remove it.

BUT in both cases man’s repentance was the only catalyst that activated God’s gift of mercy.

We need to call God and ask for forgiveness.

Judgement on sin begins in the house of God, thus repentance needs to start in the Church.

Failing to follow proper rules will produce a phoney “cherry-picking, cafeteria Christian philosophy, which results in Carte Blanche soft theology that leads people on the way to hell.”

When the whole teaching of the Bible is considered, it has to be consistent!

Let us get back to the Bible and stop sinning even if it is fashionable.

[1] What is liberal Christian theology? Questions. Org. © Copyright 2002-2010 Got Questions Ministries, Accessed 2010-05-21,


1 thought on “Is it a lie to say, “Grace will cover sin?”

  1. Pastor Traill;

    Thank you for this message, one every born again believer should be aware of, as we get back to the Bible. this is not an option but a necessity for all people, the Word of the Lord is not an optional extra as when we purchase a vehicle, just as prayer is not an optional extra, we all have the privilege to read and follow the instructions of God’s Word, and to pray for His forgiveness, there is no way to the Father but through the Lord Jesus Christ, which means there has to be repentance.

    John the Baptist preached it, Christ Preached it, The Apostles demanded it, so why is it ignored today.

    Psalm 91 encourages all God’s people to dwell in the secret place of the most High, and to be protected under the feathers of His wings, is it too much to believe and to accept that the Lord our God waiting for His people to stop wandering around in the wilderness and again enter His Gate of righteousness, and cease giving place to the enemy to keep them in bondage and captivity.

    As you have said many times in these messages IT IS TIME TO GET BACK TO THE WORD OF GOD< and HEED the CLARION CALL OF GOD.

    How loud does He have to speak, how long does He have to wait. I can assure everyone that there is Hell, and that there is judgment and it is coming and it is coming to and for all who have not repented and called upon the Lord Jesus Christ for Salvation.

    Jude calls everyone who is in God "Preserved" in Jesus Christ: "…To those who are called, sanctified by God the Father, and preserved in Jesus Christ…" (Jude. Verse 1). It is this preservation which is so sweet, for nothing can take us from the love of God, Romans 8: 37- 39:

    May the Lord bless you and your family as you serve Him.


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