From a fallible messenger to all I loves.

Many people who I know and love were born into a family that followed God or were in a Christian denomination and have some little knowledge of God.

They looked at fallible me when I became a Christian and said, “he needed God”. All of them think they are good people and they will say that, “But it is now that they need God’. Some have allowed little sins into there life without the knowledge of How that hurts God, because all sin has the same penalty.

The sadness I feel is that they have not heard or seen the need to REPENT and believe in Jesus. My Knowledge and experience in God’s Word tells me that even good people will go to HELL, because we all need to repent and believe in Jesus to get to heaven. It’s hard to repent if you are a good person because you think that will get you there. Well it won’t!

Fallible man is the message bearer of an infallible Jesus.

Note: Fallibility is no excuse to keep on sinning!

Do not judge the Infallible Jesus by your judgement of fallible human messenger based on their history.

Your judgement of the fallible man messenger can have eternal consequences regarding the relationship with or without the Infallible Jesus.

Jesus said, “You must become Born-again” John 3:1-21

Then Lord is not happy with some Christians who say they are Christians who then go about criticizing government leaders. Then ones who bash you with what they think is the antichrist. Those who vote for people who support abortions, same sex marriage and the disfiguring the body with tattoos, proclaim a prosperity message, and turning out the lights in church hoping entertainment will get people saved.

God is happy when we talk about the purity of Jesus. Jesus is the major issue, the other points are minors. You need to major on JESUS.




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