Christian are sucked in!

If you have supported a person who is a footballer, rock star, politician and or an identity who say they are Christians. You better be careful who you support.

Of late I have seen a so-called Christian footballer with new tattoos.  Maybe he used the money you gave him to fight his legal battle while you forgot to support missions.

A pop star who says he is a Christian with more new tattoos and provocative photos of him and new girlfriend.

Even a cricket star with an eagle on his back which he relates to Scripture about waiting on the Lord for his strength.

From Scripture none of these people will enter heaven.

I can afford to be wrong with our teaching about not getting Tattoos as it will not take anyone to hell. But those who say getting tattoos and body piercing is OK when some Scripture says it not OK; they have to be 100% correct or they will have to answer God for leading some to hell.

Jeremiah 8:12 Were they ashamed when they had done an abomination? No, they were not at all ashamed, nor could they blush; therefore, they shall fall among those who fall; in the time of their visitation they shall be cast down, says Jehovah. (MKJV)

A spirit of rebellion is in the Church.

Grace is part of God’s virtue and has always been available to humanity as can be seen when God killed the animal in the garden to cover Adams sin and when Jesus died on the cross. Grace is available to all but there are requirements. An RSVP is required when a person is made aware of their sins and the forgiveness of God is presented.

If you or I are aware of sin in ourselves or in the camp of the saints and we do nothing about it claiming that grace will cover it, you are mistaken, because if we do that then we have become little gods, and we share in the sin.

If we are observant, we will notice people in our churches who say they are Christians doing things which are not God’s will. Many have asked me about the manifest presence of God to come into their churches, so they can be in revival. I am sure they don’t know what revival is like. They asked me about gold dust and diamonds on the seats, smoking, drinking, homosexuality, body piercing and tattoos. They ask because they really want to see God, but they show themselves smoking, drinking, with body piercing and tattoos on Facebook and think they are representing God. Well they are not! They are representing the lusts of the flesh.

The world is lost and looking for a light. Jesus is the light, but we are meant to be little lights, we are the Bible people read.

If we are not offering Holiness how can attract people into the Kingdom of God?


6 thoughts on “Christian are sucked in!

  1. Well said and done Pastor Ian, the Church has to stop and take a clear look at itself, and become the Church the Lord Jesus Christ meant it to be not a world goverened organization but a Theocratic groverened body.


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