Babylon from within

From my book

This brings us to the title of this book, “Babylon must fall!” Why is that?

It is simple that many church groups are running a hierarchical centralized dictatorship form of management which runs many little churches, like the Roman church did. The local church is under attack with Summit Fever; and in many cases it does not even know that it is! Summit Fever has gripped many local churches with denominational thinking and they are committing whoredom.

Summit Fever is defined as the dangerous state or compulsion to reach the summit of a mountain in spite of the costs. It is a mental condition which tells climbers they have come too far to turn back, despite exhaustion or ignoring danger signs that would be normally observed when a person is not so tired or having more oxygen.

We are getting closer to Christ’s return and it is time to get back to the structure that is set out in our Bibles, which we call the Apostolic model.

Parts of the local and universal Church are being raped and pillaged while some believers are gazing upon the victim, (as in the parable of the “Good Samaritan”) as they walk by doing nothing. Who will stop to bind up the wounds and comfort the distressed victim? Some may say “That’s life” and that is the way it has been for a long time and that is the way it must be in a contemporary church too. As the Samaritan poured in oil and wine into the victim, so the anointing of the Holy Spirit is the presence of Christ.

Summit Fever has led to some groups and fellowships of churches to commit spiritual whoredom to become popular, rich and powerful. Many gimmicks are in operation; windows painted out, walls darkened, flashing lights, smoke machines, unscriptural songs, and unrepentant tattooed leaders, acceptance of homosexuality, sin and crass talking ministries (Ephesians 5:3-5). I have even seen and heard at a conference leader making an offer of a gift to get people to take on Bible college study. What is wrong with this thinking and their relationship with Christ?

Anointed is anointed! No need to throw away what is anointed for something new because it is new. Hay! The walls can be bright; the lights can be on, and with no smoke machine. It’s the anointing of Jesus, not the gimmicks that brings people.

Something must be done to stop the degeneration within the Church. This cancerous growth must be cut out!

Let us push onto the summit in God when the conditions are right and they are right; that is to Say, “BACK TO THE BIBLE!”

If we bring into the Church; businesses, pyramid marketing, politics, a centralized management structure for all the member churches in a denomination, we have veered away from a holy life. Then we may hear, “away from me I know you not”.

Do not be blinded by structures of government, programs or plans to achieve fame, power, control and fortune for financial security in the church. It is with all certainty that these goals will compromise the fabric of the Church and the quality of your Christian walk. But we can have the popularity; power and financial security that Jesus wants us to have, but without Jesus, any other way is a compromise!

You have “Summit Fever” when you bring your work, political views, ego, and thirst for power into the Church. Many die from summit fever, blinded by the conditions, so close to the top but not quite there; because the conditions have turned bad, they think that they are so close to the top and that they push on forgetting the plan of safety to stop in bad conditions, and then die on the ascent. As in the world when these things happen so it is in God’s Kingdom if you don’t stick to His plan you will certainly not reach your goal. We need to take a stand for holiness by getting rid of the abominations in the Holy place and follow the Godly order as set out in the New Testament.

Let us get BACK TO THE BIBLE and see Babylon fall as Christ’s Kingdom rises. Simply organise your church based on the Bible and not the tradition you may think is Biblical and then watch and see your church grow.

Pentecostal churches are also following traditions which are not Biblical. By following the New Testament Ecclesiastical Management Structure for successful growth, as outlined in our Bibles and explained in this book you will find it very helpful and beneficial as you listen to the Holy Spirit of God.



1 thought on “Babylon from within

  1. Thank you Pastor trail once again for bringing out into the open the need for God’s people to be GOD’S people! As Christ said to His disciples in Matt 16: 13 – 19, “I will build my Church (ecclesiea)” He said IWILL BUILD not some man with a plan.


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