Traillblazer Child-care center Soweto, South Africa

Our childcare center in Soweto, South Africa has gained government approval and is finally under way.

We need another $2500

If you would like to help it would be appreciated by Ps. Johnson Soweto.

You can help  I would love a coffeeus with as little as $3.00 a month, by clicking on this link.

Support us by giving $10.00 a month CLICK HERE

Support us by giving $25.00 a month  CLICK HERE

We are building a Child Minding center in a very poor area of Soweto, South Africa.



7 thoughts on “Traillblazer Child-care center Soweto, South Africa

  1. We really do appreciate the help given. We have started and trusting God for the strength to finish.
    Thanks once more Dr Ian and to those who contributed. Your.contribution is well appreciated
    Ps Johnson Mncube
    Africa Outreach Ministries


  2. Hi Ian All the best for Christmas to you And you’re family I hope and pray that life is being kind to you Steve Meechan ________________________________


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