This was re-posted one Year ago and now see what is happening. the book was written 2014.

Israel to regain more land

The Gates of Jerusalem Spanish 1397X735
1917 – November, Britain issued the “Balfour Declaration”, recognizing the right of the Jews to a Jewish homeland.

In 1917 we saw the redemption of the land of Israel 2520 years after going into captivity from 604BC. to 581BC. Then in 1948 Israel was declared a Nation by the UN and a major population explosion took place through migration. It is remarkable that 2520 years previous to this, Ezekiel had a vision in Chapter 40, of the City of God. Fifty years after 1917, in 1967 Arab occupied land was retrieved, thus fulfilling the Year of Jubilee principle of restoration of lands held by another.

It was called the Six Day War, led by Moshe Dayan. Jerusalem when they regained some of Israel and then in 1998 October 23, Israel-Palestine signed the Wye Memorandum aimed at a final peace settlement.

In the Bible the number 50 means freedom. 50 years is called the Year of Jubilee. It means all the slaves are released, and they are free to go home at the end of 50 years.
Another 50 year period can be seen between 1948 and 1998 where the UN endeavoured to a broker a peace deal in Palestine. If we add to this the prophecy made in 1Thessalonians 5:3, about “Peace and safety, followed by sudden destruction coming upon them”, we could ask the question, “Has destruction come?”, And the answer is, “Of course it has not!”

Then consider the generation of Abraham as 100 years, then from 1917 when the Day of the Gentiles had drawn to a close we are left to consider that 2017 could be a big political day of liberation for Israel and regaining more land, as the Year of Jubilee principle takes effect, coming forward 50 years from the year 1967.

Thus leaving us with the year of 2017 ????

Points taken from our Book, “He comes, the Isles are living carelessly!”…/Tony_Smits_B_Th_and_Ian_Traill_D_…

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