Some say, believe and preach whatever they like



A “cherry-picking, cafeteria Christian” is a person who picks and chooses making a personal selection of few favoured Scriptures and develops or disregards other Scriptures that contradict his position.

A “cherry-picking, cafeteria Christian” is a person who picks and chooses making a personal selection of few favoured Scriptures and develops or disregards other Scriptures that contradict his position.

“Carte blanche” is French for a blank or white card. It may refer to: unlimited discretionary power to act; unrestricted authority. It could be described as a signed blank cheque, made out to you; and then you insert the monetary value!

Carte blanche Theology is a combination of cherry-picking certain Scriptures and then with cafeteria Christianity excluding parts of a Scripture or other Scriptures that do not fit with your premises.

A carte blanche theory has very little scholastic investigation that produces views which are very narrow and limited in understanding to the whole view of Scripture. We would call them a heresy of doctrine.

Failing to follow proper rules will produce a phoney “cherry-picking, cafeteria Christian philosophy,” which results in Carte Blanche theology.

The rules to interpret the Bible

We must look at any revelation in its historical setting.

It is to be read in context of the whole passage.

This revelation needs to have Old and New Testament Synergistic Scriptural support and that the Scripture does not contradict another Scripture.

On the other hand, you may want say it in another way, that being, “when the whole teaching of the Bible is considered, it is found to be consistent without contradiction.”

Doctrine change

Doctrine should be viewed and reviewed in the light of new understanding or revelation which must be supported by synergistic study. Any new proposition or revelation needs to have a synergetic Biblical foundation and be proven by Biblical research to remove any apparent contradictions.

Biblical doctrine research should follow hermeneutical rules and be consistent with exegetical investigation. Doctrine is open to change as our little or narrow minds come to a new understanding through revelation of God’s Word released by God to the believer.

The words of the Bible in their intent are not open to change.

The Teacher

The Law of the Old Testament is a teacher that pushes us towards Christ so that we will seek Him through repentance and receive grace. It is through the faith in His salvation, which has the elements of unmerited grace received by the act of repentance, atonement as a full payment and removal of sins, whereas in the Old Testament atonement was to just a covering of sins. Jesus thus fulfils the law.

The Old Testament or the Law of Moses was a forerunner of the new Christian Theology where the synergistic dynamics of Old and New Testament Scriptures should be used in the Church today, one as a teacher and the newer as a reward. A well based church will be based in the Old Testament and New Testament.

All who practice lawlessness have knowledge of the Law of God at some level, but still persist with the delusion and leading others into delusion too.

If you have two perspectives that seem to be in conflict we could say we have two camps of thought, one right and one wrong. Perhaps they are both wrong.

The question I would ask; Would God want exclude some people by having conflicting Scriptures? “NO, He has not.”

People exclude themselves by going against the whole counsel of God.

You should listen if the Scriptures, Old and New Testament that say to not do something for the sake of your spiritual or physical health. Then if you add to this the dynamics of medical evidence that shows that such behaviours cause medical problems in the area of physical, emotional and psychological sickness; then we must conclude that we are not to do certain things. The Bible will be verified by good investigated science.

People in the church are gambling with injecting poisonous inks through tattoos and saying it is fashionable, when the Bible and the medical profession say we ought not to do so.

TV stations in Britain warn people of flashing images in case some suffer from fits while some parts of the Church embrace this exclusive behaviour with flashing lights. Some people suffer from breathing problems while some churches are filling the place with smoke to try and get atmosphere.

Some parts of the Church we know today reject the teaching of the whole counsel of the Bible and sciences to develop accommodating feel good Theology for an atmosphere. Jesus will say to many on that day in the Church of today, “Away from Me I know you not (Matthew 25:12).” Then we will hear the wailing and gnashing of teeth (Matthew 13:42). The wailing and gnashing of teeth is the compromising Christian saying. “It’s not fair.” It may not seem fair for some, but it will be just for all.

When the whole teaching of the Bible is considered, it has to be consistent!



4 thoughts on “Some say, believe and preach whatever they like

  1. Very good article. It is a teaching than needs to be sounded loudly to counter the flaky and irresponsible beliefs that masquerade as Biblical theology.

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  2. Amen and Amen Pastor Traill;
    Thank you for your availability to the Holy Spirit and the Word of God, thank you for your insight, may the Lord take the above message \and broadcast it to all the world so they can grasp the full counsel of God and His word.


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