Looking ahead with excitement

Hello to all our brothers and sisters who are reading this message.

We are drawing to the close of the year 2016 and as normal we look forward to the future as we see the Lord Jesus doing His handy work.

We know as Christians that there are many problems in the world and we can be weighed down by looking at them; when we should be looking at the answers to them all. “Jesus”

I want to encourage you to not to focus on the problems of the world or the apostate church but be focused on the lost souls going the hell and the answer that lies in Jesus. Let us be busy about the Fathers work.

The harvest is vast and ready; it is time for us to bring it in. It can be done by us all doing our little bit. Please look at this short clip of our children coming to the Lord. . https://youtu.be/0B1HfvcEPC0

Our Traillblazer Tony Smits Bible College is doing well in South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, China and other places too. In the New Year some of them will be holding graduations, so please pray for them. God bless them all. We want to say thank you to Ps. Tony and Barbra for all your support and direction over the years as we chip away at the work of the harvest.

Here in China we are seeing peopled saved every week and the shortage of Bible still weighs on us; but the Lord has been faithful and sent helping people from all over the world. We were sent a gift from a church only last week and we were able to to buy two boxes of Bibles. A church in Newcastle, Australia is sending us new and old Bibles for the children who are coming to the Lord. This week more than 70 came to the Lord. If you would like to send a Bible please do so. Our team of teachers are doing a great job, but the Children’s Bibles are really very helpful. https://traillblazer.com/support-our-mission/

We have other supporters and churches that send us financial gifts which is surely a blessing to us so that we can do more. Thank you to all of our supporters and we pray you will be blessed in 2017 as you have been a blessing in 2016.

In HIS hands Ian and the team in China with all of our love



3 thoughts on “Looking ahead with excitement

  1. Hi Ian, Are Bibles readily available to purchase in China? If so, how many Bibles would you get for say $100? The one’s you use to teach the children with I mean. Thanks for the update, I have forwarded it to a couple of my friends too. Peter Harris and Bob Hoenger. Barb joins me in wishing you and your family a Happy Healthy and Prosprous New Year in the Lord..


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