12 thoughts on “Liya needs prayer

  1. Father God, Jesus paid the price for our sins at Calvary and according to your Word,’ by His stripes we are healed’.Lord, Liya is your child and it also says in your Word that ‘healing is the children’s bread’.
    I put my faith with that of other believers and declare right now that Liya be healed in the precious Name of Jesus. Amen

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  2. we have no doubt about the faith behind the certainty and the assurance of Lyia’s healing. God says it will be done. God bless the family and may peace reign in all your hearts

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  3. So day…… a shock. Will keep her in prayer. If you don’t mind, I will pass this news to our prayer warriors.

    Be strong Ian. Your Greek mate. Nick

    >– Original Message — >

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  4. Hello Ian. Praying for Liya and believing for her speedy recovery. May God’s presence and peace be on her and you both. In Jesus’ name. With love from Kay and Lynton

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