I still remember the first time I received a Samaritan’s purse from church. It was a beautiful blue box wrapped up like a Christmas gift. I opened the box and I saw so many cool things. Dolls, pens, books, photo albums and so much my little brain could not memorize them all. Inside the photo album was an old ladies picture. I could not understand everything she wrote but she said “with love” .At the bottom a name I cannot remember. There was a picture by the side and I wondered will I ever meet this kind old lady who took her time to give me a gift. Her beautiful white hair and kind smile are still in my head like it was yesterday and my prayer is that one day I will meet her. If I do not meet her on earth it will hopefully be in heaven. That gift changed my life. At 10 years old it gave me desire to study hard, go abroad and see if I could meet this old woman and say thank you. The gift also taught me about love and friendship. A little gift can touch someone’s heart. The fact that a nice old lady took her time to show love to a little African girl in Zambia changed my view on what it means to give. Every day I wonder what she would say if we met and I told her the little girl who received your gift has never forgotten about you. My prayer is that may God keep blessing that old lady and her family.

“GIVE A SHIRT MAKES A DIFFERENCE” project is based on such small but beautiful stories. In this project our aim is to send clothes to children in Africa. It is our vision that one day we will be able to send to more African countries and make a difference in children’s lives. Feel free to join us in this project. You can give a pair of socks, a shirt or simply a small contribution so that we can send clothes to the beautiful children.
Currently we have clothes to send to our school in Uganda. Help with a small gift of support. If you want to learn more about the project feel free to email
May God bless you .
Mutande Chisanga – Good Will Missions Coordinator



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