Newsletter August 2015

Hi to all
The school holiday period has come to an end and I am about to start a new job in the leading University in our city. I have been asked to run a training class for students who wish to study in Australia. I had held a position like this in the past and gave it up to spend more time in ministry, but financially we need a little bit more for our work so back to the chalk face.

In July I mentioned we did some meeting in another two of our fellowships in two different provinces, well this month I received news about some healings. Quickly I will tell you about one. A woman came into the first meeting and walked past me and I was drawn to call her back and pray for her as I could see in the Spirit she had a large growth on her back. I prayed for her again and again over the six meeting we had there. I had not asked her what was wrong nor did she say, but it was later that I heard she was told by the doctors she would die. The news I have just received is she is completely healed. To Jesus be the glory.

A full but short report can be read at this link.

Click to access traillblazer-ministries-newsletter-august-2015.pdf


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