Computer, Bibles, clothes, books and laptops

Hello Friends, Supporters, Pastors and Church Leaders

We have two requests.

The first one is we are looking for some people to come to China in July for 3 to 4 weeks teaching English in our training schools to Primary school Kids. We have training schools in many places all over China now.

In Africa

The second request is, We have a friend Paul Tsiros who is helping Traillblazer Ministries CRC to send computers and kids books to Uganda

Paul lives in Victoria, Australia and he is organizing a container to go to Uganda.

Between Paul and us have three schools that we are eager to send computers there to help the Kids. We will be there in May or April.

We already have number of computers now but if you could help with any old computers and some laptops for pastors in our Bible colleges.

Clothes and BIBLES

Please write back to me your expression of help and I will send you Paul’s address in EPPING, Victoria, Australia

You can give $1.00 or as much as you like.

You may create an automatic payment profile using the “Heart of Support” link below. Please put your pointer on the heart and click to go to our secured Paypal page. Please follow the instructions and start helping us.

heart of support

Heart of Support for Traillblazer Ministries

Inaction is an action for the negative; so act in a positive way and support us to do the Father’s work in the harvest field.

If you elect to support this, School, Church, Campus or a particular activity, please also contact us to let us know where your gift should be directed. Or funds will go into our general fund for running Traillblazer Ministries worldwide.



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