7. Unleashing the power of faith by Santo Calarco


Unleashing the Power of Faith: Revealing the Secrets of the Kingdom

Unleashing the Power of Faith: Revealing the Secrets of the Kingdom by Santo Calarco

You may be thinking “another book on faith?” Aren’t there enough already? Jesus said that “all things are possible to those who believe” and yet so many sincere believers remain disillusioned as they see few results when they pray in faith. In this book I hope to take you back to the first century. I hope to transport your heart and mind back to the time when the supernatural was normal. I intend to help you rediscover what early Christians meant when they used the word faith. Sadly the New Testament understanding of what faith is has to a large extent been lost – and this explains why so many Christians are powerless today. It is through faith that we take charge of the devil, our circumstances and receive all the blessings of God. This all sounds so obvious – and it is. However as I talk to the people of God I learn that they are very ignorant on the basics of what faith actually is and how it works.

In this book I hope to provide God’s church with a working definition of faith. As a teacher at Bible College, I am committed to providing readers with a fairly thorough biblical basis for what I believe about faith. As pastor I will attempt to give adequate illustrations through my ministry where I have applied what I believe.

In the first chapter of this book I provide an “unorthodox” framework within which we can understand faith in a fresh way. As you progress through the book you will see that I first lay down a basic theology of faith followed by chapters of practical application. I have deliberately kept the chapters short. I understand all too well as a teacher that people nowadays don’t like to read too much. Each chapter is self-contained but builds on previous material. At the end of each chapter I have presented a succinct summary.

My prayer as you read this book is that your heart will come alive and that you will begin to move in the spirit realm employing the principles in this book and witness first-hand miraculous breakthrough in the realm of health, finances and spiritual life.

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