1. The Precipice – a manual on prayer and fasting by Ps. Tony Smits and Ps Ian Traill


BY – Tony Smits B.Th and Ian Traill D.Min


Ps Tony Smits

Ian Traill Preaching in China

Ps Ian Traill

When we may be on the precipice of a possible fall and our brain is exhausted or we need change in our lives, we will search our hearts for answers and call out to God. It is the heart that cries out to God for change, in love, hate and a myriad of emotions which are involved in the development of our relationship with God and our fellow man.

All of us have faced challenges whether on a personal level or in a group situation such as the family, church, work and so on, and as Christians we ask God to help us. We may do that by prayer on a daily basis, but in some very difficult or stressful times we may go into a fast to see the hand of God moving in our lives and hearts.

This was something that Ian wrote while mediating some issues of life:

The Sea of Life.
We are but little ships on the sea of life.
With our sails set to catch the gentle breeze.
Or the roaring forties.
We set our course with a dream and desire.
Onwards upwards directly to our goal,
Not thinking of another course.
But God with His infinite wisdom
Knows the right direction
In which we should sail.

The seas may roar,
They may tumble and roll.
Our little ship may be tossed to and fro.
We cry out to God
To still the storm,
And somehow we are righted once again.
To sail into tranquil waters and safe shores,
Knowing we have endured.
We have overcome.

Jeremiah 33:3 Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and inscrutable things which you do not know. (MKJV)

God will always answer the cry of the heart in some way, shape or form and sometimes it is not exactly the way we wanted, but it turns out to be the best for us.

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