3. Fundamentalism at War by Dr. Ian Traill

Fundamentalism at War by Dr. Ian Trail

In this book we will look at the theology of each stage over the last 200 years, to see if contemporary theologians and church groups have followed hermeneutical, exegetical, and contemporary settings when developing their perspectives.
What is understood as the traditional belief in some cases is actually a break away from what Jesus taught and what Paul wrote. I believe we need to make a paradigm shift, so that we can remove or readjust to a more contemporary understanding of theology. We should examine the assumptions, concepts, values, and practices that have influenced the history of theology in the Church and go through a period of Biblical pursuit, to find out what Scripture truly says.


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  1. Thanks you for good work you are doing,am Bishop Wakhata James from Uganda, how can i be part of your ministry i love it may God bless you.


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