1. Distress to Leadership by Pr. Tony Smits B.Th


Distress to leadership by Pr. Tony Smits B.Th

This study is highly recommended for young and not so young pastors as it details in a practical way the Biblical application of sound leadership based on fifteen Psalms of Ascents (Psalms120 to 135).

The nation of Judah had been in bondage in Babylon for seventy years and upon their release they returned to the Holy Land. When you study this book you will see the House of Judah take fifteen progressive steps from distress to leadership. It was over this period they developed character.

As leaders in the House of God we need to develop our character, personality, our ministry and our relationship with the Lord without losing our first love.

You will find this book is not about theology, although the evidence is certainly throughout the whole book. You will find it to be a look at the practicality of application of godly leadership which does not burn out because of self. This book will certainly help you to maintain a bright light of humble perseverance to all who see this in reality in your ministry.

Pastor Tony Smits often says, “I don’t want to be a big gun that goes off once, but a small gun that keeps on shooting”. As one of his many disciples who travelled with him to other countries and been with him in Australia I can concur that he is as energetic and vigorous a preacher in his mid seventies as he was when I first laid eyes on him in his mid fifties.

Please do not miss the chance to glean something from this man’s ministry that is detailed in many of his anecdotes in this book. We in Traillblazer ministries use this book in many countries to help young leaders to be well prepared for many difficult circumstances.

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