Child day-care center

We are building a Child Day-care center in a very poor area of Soweto, South Africa.

We Did it !

We have raised $3000.00.  Thank you so much. Well done

Yes we did it but cost are much higher than our man in South Africa thought, please consider helping us with another $2000.00

We did it

If you feel like you would like to do more of course you can.

Please find $10.00 and send it.

Or give as little as $3.00 the cost of a cup of coffee.

Could you PLEASE ask your church or yourself to see if you would like to give to this worthy venture by investing in these little Children’s lives?



Dr Ian Traill of Traillblazer Ministries and Pastor Johnson Mncube, Africa Outreach Ministries, P.O. Box 438 Dobsonville 1865 Johannesburg, South Africa Ph. +00 27 7 1 678 4988

Stage 2 We need another $3500.00